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The fastest way to move time-critical
goods around the planet.

What is hyperexpress

You send things by overnight express delivery. But what do you do when your business urgently needs something from the other side of the world within a couple of hours?

Destinus’ hyperexpress delivery service is a whole new class of delivery that can move objects from any major metropolitan airport to another in under 2 hours.

From where to where?

90 With the Destinus Hyperplane

Instead of 17:15h

How do we do it?

Hyperexpress is powered by the hyperplane: a first-of-its-kind rocket airplane that travels to near-space heights at 15 times the speed of sound.

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about the Hyperplane

What is it for?

Sometimes receiving a shipment quickly can be a matter of life or death; for your business, for your deal, or for your patient. Destinus works with existing shipping providers to offer hyperexpress delivery service when you need it most at a comparable price to traditional air cargo transport.

  • Emergency spare parts & equipment

    Time is money, and downtime is particularly costly. Destinus gets the necessary parts to your facility faster than ever before so you can get back online without hurting the bottom line.

  • Critical medical supplies

    In medical emergencies, the most important factor is time. Hyperexpress delivery connects medical supplies with hospitals globally to ensure no one misses a beat.

  • Perishable high-value goods

    Move precious foods or supplies to their final destination faster so they arrive fresher.

  • Time-sensitive document delivery

    Countersign before the ink dries. Closing the deal before EOD is now infinitely more possible thanks to hyperexpress delivery.

  • Global logistics for e-commerce or manufacturers

    Same day delivery is going global. Keep supply chains moving and customers happy with never before possible turnarounds.