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We're going faster. It's our destiny

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The fastest delivery vehicle in the world.

A rocket airplane built for speed

The hyperplane combines the technological advancements of a spaceplane with the simple physics of a glider to create a vehicle that meets the demands of a hyper connected world.

  • Hypersonic cruise speed
  • Thousands of reentry cycles
  • Actively cooled heat shield
  • Fully autonomous
  • 30db quieter than supersonic planes

Zero operational emissions

Traditional air transport makes up 14% of global annual carbon emissions. To help reduce this, we’re committed to operating a fully carbon neutral business.

  • Hydrogen fuel produced from 100% renewable energy sources to power all hyperplane engines.
  • When the hydrogen is burned the only byproducts are heat and water.
  • Hydrogen is inexpensive to produce which will help enable low-cost hyperplane flights.
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To near-space and back

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Mach 15
Space Mesosphere Stratosphere
Miami Climb Hypersonic Cruise Glide Land Seoul

The hyperplane enables a whole new class of delivery.

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